Passing Tissue/clot While Urinating?


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Passing Tissue/clot While Urinating?

Lately when I urinate I am seeing a thin white/clear tissue/clot/film in the toilet. When I'm menstruating, it is dark red. I am not experiencing pain or urination problems, and I am not pregnant. Any idea what this could be?


How often is this happening when you urinate? Please know that I am not a doctor or a gynecologist but if this were me, I would go the doctor to get this symptom checked out.

Passing tissue while urinating appears to be a symptom of renal pappilary necrosis but there are a lot of other symptoms to this condition as well.

Does it look more like mucus? Sometimes this can be caused by a urinary tract infection.

The only way to know what could be causing this symptom is to see your doctor. Please let us know what your doctor says.

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