For The Past 4 Years Or So I Have A Severe Pain In My Left Shoulder Blade!


Asked by Chaz126

For The Past 4 Years Or So I Have A Severe Pain In My Left Shoulder Blade!

For the past four years or so I have had a severe pain in my left shoulder blade, and it only acts up when my back is exposed to cold, be it an air conditioner or a cold moist night. In the summer it doesn't bother me until the season draws close to an end when the days are hot and the nights cold, like now. I sometimes have to put on a thick sweatshirt or wrap my back with a blanket. Recently I've begun to put on a hot wrap that you warm up in a microwave, but as soon as cold hits it, the pain comes back. I will be seeing my doctor in November, but does anyone know what this might be? It's really painful.


Cold sensitivity is a hallmark symptom of nerve pain. When the nerves are sensitized from damage, injury or another sensitization process, normally non-painful sensations like cold become painful, sometimes very painful. That is called allodynia, pain to normally non-painful stimuli, a hallmark of neuropathic pain.

Treatment is starts with a diagnosis. I would recommend seeing a neurologist or physiatrist to have a thorough neurological examination. Next, finding a solution can involve medications, physical therapy or even surgery. Based on my experience with people with similar problems, it is quite possible that you have a herniated disc in your neck causing this problem.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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Answered by Christina Lasich, MD