Peanut Butter Itches My Throat Every Time I Eat It.


Asked by Tammyinterested

Peanut Butter Itches My Throat Every Time I Eat It.

Thats all that happens but it happens every time. Its a very strange sensation.


Hi Tammy,

Itching of the mouth and throat is definitely one of the symptoms of a food allergy reaction, though only your doctor can tell you if you definitely have an allergy. However, I would caution you against continuing to eat peanut butter. Food allergies can start out mild, and quickly progress to severe reactions with repeated exposures. In fact, even the first or second time you eat a food you are allergic to it can turn into a life-threatening event, for which you will need immediate emergency treatment.

So, if you suspect you are allergic to peanuts or peanut butter, I would suggest you stop eating it right away and make an appointment with an allergist to find out if you are allergic. Your continued good health may depend upon this.

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