Pediatricians oppose legal pot

U.S. doctors remain largely opposed to the legalization of pot, according to a new statement released by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The group is particularly concerned about the effects of marijuana on youths and adolescents, which may include short-term memory loss, difficulty with concentration and impaired motor control. In addition, some research has shown that heavy marijuana use during adolescence may lead to abnormal brain development.

While the doctors said they oppose legal pot, they do support decriminalization of the drug. They argued that the effects of criminal charges against youths can have a lasting negative impact, leading to difficulty receiving education, jobs and housing in later years. Doctors said they favored treatment programs in the health system over jail time in the criminal justice system for youths found with marijuana possession.

The doctors recommended that parents not use marijuana around their children. They also opposed marijuana legalization for medical uses that have not yet been properly regulated.

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Sourced from: Reuters Health News, U.S. pediatricians reaffirm opposition to legalized pot