Penis Pain, Burning & Urgency To Urinate


Asked by Michelle

Penis Pain, Burning & Urgency To Urinate

My husband has a 3 mm. stone, had an attack 5 weeks ago (went to ER) and has been on Cipro (for infection), Flomax & Valium since....He has felt it move down his back with since then with no extreme pain, just dull & achy. Now he says he can feel something sharp in his penis. He says it hurts, he has burning & urgency to urinate. Does this mean he may be finally getting ready to pass it?


Only a doctor could really tell but most it likely it is. According to the site below some stones cause pain and others don't. Kidney stones are produced from elements in the urine and typically travel down through the urinary system - which is why they can cause urinary problems. The pain from a kidney stone usually moves downward as the stone drops and can cause frequent urination and burning sensations during urination (and a whole heck of alot more). Of course check with your doctor about your husbands systems. Hopefully it will pass soon.