Do People Living With Bipolar,ever Get Over Their Past Relationships?


Asked by patricia

Do People Living With Bipolar,ever Get Over Their Past Relationships?

My boyfriend of three years had this girlfriend who was diaignosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar,and when she found out he was dating someone new (me)she started to get mad and threaten me and call me names.And even though its been three years and they don't talk she still writes me emails as mad as can be and makes up lies.


Hi, Patricia. I can only reply on the basis of what you are relating to me, but this person's behavior is indicative of borderline, not bipolar. The signature trait of bipolar is our tendency to cycle from depression to mania. The signature trait of borderline is extreme difficulty in personal relationships, which can be broken down into emotional volatility and lack of impulse control. In short, their behavior (if untreated) tends to be extremely unpredictable. The emotional pressure builds to the point where they have to release it. Since you are the "new" girlfriend, tag - you're it.

The best thing to do is ignore her, as you would any other person who has lost control. What drives borderline behavior is stress and perceived stress. So any responding to someone beyond reason is only going to make the situation worse. Knowthyself is spot on - block her emails. Hopefully, she will go away.

If she doesn't. If you see her behavior escalating into stalking, that is another matter entirely. But it doesn't sound like you have to worry about that.

Answered by John McManamy