People choose to dream about flying, sex

People who can control some extent of their dreams—also known as lucid dreamers—tend to try to dream about flying or having sex, according to new research

Researchers recruited 570 people who said they had experienced lucid dreaming. The scientists then asked them what they dreamt about, the extent of control they had in their dreams and what they planned to dream about before they went to sleep.

Most of the participants who tried to choose the topics of their dreams while they were still awake said they wanted to try to engage in impossible activities, such as doing magic, breathing underwater and talking with animals. Flying, however, was the top choice. The survey also showed that sex was also a favorite topic of lucid dreamers.

The study’s findings, published in the American Journal of Psychology, also showed that while lucid dreamers tend to try to accomplish different things in their dreams, they often cannot remember those intentions once they start dreaming. The researchers said they still don't understand exactly how lucid dreamers can become aware that they are dreaming.

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Sourced from: Live Science, What People Choose to Dream About: Sex and Flying