People pay more attention to upper half of field of vision

We tend to pay more attention to what we see in the top half of our field of vision, which affects how we respond to everything from traffic signals to web design.  People naturally pay more attention to the upper half of their field of vision, which could affect things like traffic signs and web design, according to a study published in i-Perception.

That's the conclusion of a new study published in i-Perception. Researchers had participants fix their eyes on the center of a computer screen. Then a target and distracting symbols were flashed on the screen for 10 to 80 milliseconds. Next the screen changed to an unconnected “mask” image to disrupt the train of thought. Participants then had to remember where the target had been located on the screen.

They found that people were 7 percent better at finding the target when it was located in the upper half of the screen. Researchers say this doesn’t mean people don’t pay attention to the lower field of vision, but they simply are better at paying attention to the upper field.

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Sourced from: ScienceDaily, People pay more attention to upper half of field of vision, study says