People who use public transit weigh less than those who drive

New research from the U.K. found that using public transportation instead of driving a car to get to work can serve more than just the environment--it may actually keep your weight down.

The researchers analyzed data from Understanding Society, the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study, which is a large and nationally representative source of data. They examined a total of 7,534 Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements and 7,424 percentage body fat measurements of both men and women. With regard to BMI and percentage body fat, they found that both the participants who commuted actively by bicycle or walking and those who used public transport were significantly healthier than those who traveled to work by car.

In an accompanying editorial on website, researchers from Imperial College London suggest that the benefits gained by public transportation are likely due to the fact that people generally have to walk or bike to get to their bus stop or subway station, thereby increasing physical activity.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Public transport users 'have healthier weights than people who drive to work'