Perimenopause And Lower Back Pain?


Asked by juliek

Perimenopause And Lower Back Pain?

I have this dull lower back pain that lasts for weeks. I went into Google and checked out a forum concerning lower back pain during menopause. Evidently, a lot of women have this problem. Where is the pain coming from? What can I do to stop the pain?


I did a bit of reading on the subject and yes, many women experience lower back pain during and after menopause, along with joint pain. The back pain can sometimes be caused by benign fibroid masses in the uterus that are responding to hormone changes. Your doctor could give you an idea about what's causing your specific back pain and how to manage it.  Other possibilities could include issues with your spine, posture, or other issues. Only the doctor will be able to properly diagnose it.

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Answered by Amy Tudor