Period After 18 Months, Now Perimenopause Symptoms Are Back


Asked by sharonjo

Period After 18 Months, Now Perimenopause Symptoms Are Back


I've found some reassuring information on this site, and hope to find some more!

After going through a rough perimenopause, I went 18 months without a period and felt better as each month went along. I thought I was in the clear! (I'm 52). Two months ago, I got a period. My gyn did a complete workup, including biopsy and ultrasound, and everything was normal except my hormone levels were back to premenopausal. I had another period three weeks after that.

Now, a month later, I am having all of the perimenopausal symptoms come back--hotflashes, mood swings, nausea, etc.

I guess what I want is reassurance that this (the perimenopause symptoms) is not going to go on again for years (I first started having symptoms when I was 45). It was so nice to finally be feeling better and to have my doctor say that my "menopause clock" has reset to the beginning does not make me happy!

Any words of comfort and/or wisdom? Many thanks, Sharonjo


Hi, Sharonjo,

I'm not a medical doctor, so I'd trust your own physician about what's going on with your body. You might want to get a second opinion just to make sure. But know that you're among friends and we'll be glad to support you!

Take care!


Answered by Dorian Martin