Period Returned After Nine Months Of Menopause?


Asked by hurryjet

Period Returned After Nine Months Of Menopause?

I stopped menstruating completely (not even a tiny bit of spotting) for nine months. But two days ago I started menstruating normally (which is heavy for me) again. Do you know what could be causing this? Should I be worried? Is there any hope that I will return to my happy menopausal state?


Even though you had not bled for 9 months, it's not abnormal or unusual that you might have periods again. This situation could have been triggered by recent health issues, since any significant stresses on your body can bring on or stop your typical menstrual cycle. Usually when this occurs with my patients, I find that they may have a few more periods at most but will return to their happily-period-free state pretty quickly.

Some things you might also consider doing include helping to reduce stress in your life and getting enough sleep, since these things will help reduce stressors on your body that might be triggering the periods. I'm including some links below that might be helpfu with this.

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