Period After Three Years Of Menopause?


Asked by Helen Parra

Period After Three Years Of Menopause?

I stopped my period three years ago, but this month I started having a period again. Is this common? Should I be concerned?


Hello Helen, It is not uncommon for a woman in this age range to stop bleeding and then pick up again later. I have had many patients over the years with whom this happened. This occurs because of the lowering levels of your estrogen and progesterone hormones. You still have enough estrogen to slowly build up a lining over time and then, when it is thick enough, you will begin to shed it. However, bleeding after 3 years does need to be evaluated by your doctor to insure that nothing abnormal is occurring. Most likely, they will do a vaginal ultrasound and look at/measure the lining and possibly a biopsy. Good luck with this, Helen, and keep in touch, Sandy Greenquist, CNM Menopause Clinician

Answered by Sandy Greenquist