Can A Person Eat Gravy


Asked by Carol Eigabroadt

Can A Person Eat Gravy

My husband has acid reflux which gets worse at night. He is on a prescription but lately it doesn't seem to help. Of course he likes to eat snacks after dinner and then lies down watching TV. I know that if he sits up for at least 2-3 hours his food should be digested.

What about turkey and gravy at Thanksgiving. Any certain food that he should avoid for the holiday? turkey, gravy, stuffing, rolls (bread)?

Thank you.



Hey Carol, Foods that trigger acid reflux can be different for everybody so I can't exactly say what your husband should avoid. But generally foods high in fat, tomato based products, citrus fruits and alcohol are likely to cause symptoms. Therefore, heavy gravies and desserts may be a source of trouble. Some other tips for your husband this thanksgiving would be: 1.) Watch portion size - overeating is likely to cause reflux. Instead of eating one big meal, your husband may want to eat small plates of food throughout the day. 2.) Wait 2-3 hours after eating to go to bed or lie down. You already know this, but it's worth reiterating.

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