Can A Person Just Cold Turkey Methotrexate??


Asked by Teresa

Can A Person Just Cold Turkey Methotrexate??


Hello, Teresa,

I have read several posts by people who have stopped MTX cold turkey. The only side effects I read were that a flare would hit big time, or that the fatigue they felt before starting the MTX returned. You can search the site at the top right hand corner. Just type in methotrexate and hit the "search" button, and you will see a lot of information from other community members on this medication.

Another good resource would be your pharmacist. Did your doctor tell you to stop taking MTX cold turkey, or did you decide this on your own? We are not doctors on this site, but reading posts from other people who have been in your shoes could be helpful.

Best wishes to you, Teresa. Please keep us posted on how your are doing. Your story may help others who frequent this site looking for support and answers.



Answered by Vanessa Collins