Personality can affect fertility

Are you extroverted?  Introverted?  Your personality could actually affect your fertility, contends new research published in the European Journal of Personality.  The study, based on extensive survey and birth registry data from Norway, concluded that both men's and women's personalities can affect their likelihood of having children--extroverted men had more children than introverts, and conscientious women were found to have fewer children.  The researchers also found that men with neurotic personality traits are having fewer children compared to previous generations.

The study could have important implications for population changes at a time when birth rates are falling in many developed countries.  Personality appears to be one of the factors that could contribute to the decline in fertility, especially in Europe.  While the research focused on data from only Norway, many trends that have been observed there first--increasing cohabitation, divorce rates, and later marriage, for example -- have then been observed later in many other parts of the world.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, How Personality Affects Fertility: Men's and Women's Personalities Linked to Likelihood That They Will Have Children