Pill Pockets For People?


Asked by CJ

Pill Pockets For People?

I hope this is not perceived as a silly question. My mother's medications are in pill and capsule form. She is not at all averse to taking her medications, thus far.

But I wondered if there are any products out there like pill pockets. For my pet, we use pill pockets, so that he eagerly takes the heart medication and omega 3 complex pills we give him. These pill pockets have the texture of play-doh (sp?) and come in beef and chicken flavors.

Are there any such things for people? Ideally in some interesting flavor?

Again, I hope this isn't a silly question. When my father first took sick (with dementia), many years ago, we convinced him to drink Ensure by telling him it was a milkshake. I'm just trying to prepare for a future time when my mother might be less willing to take her medications.


Hi, CJ,

I haven't heard of pill pockets for humans (although my dog loves them). I know that when Mom was in the nursing home, they would grind some of the pills down and mix them with pudding. That was great for Mom, since she had a real sweet tooth. So that might be an option for you.

Take care and keep us posted!


Answered by Dorian Martin