Pin Prick Feeling In Hands And Feet


Asked by aoibheann

Pin Prick Feeling In Hands And Feet

I have a pin-prick feeling in my hands and feet, as well as all the other pains and aches. This happens every so often and comes on suddenly, then goes away after a few minutes. Has anyone else had this symptom with arthritis?


Hi there, Aiobheann -

I know this was a very old question, but did you ever find out what was causing these pains in your hands and feet? If so, perhaps you might consider coming back and telling everyone what the diagnosis and treatment were for them. It might be really helpful for someone else in the community who is experiencing the same symptoms!

In any case, here are some links that might be helpful for you. What you have sounds like some kind of nerve pain to me, but I'm only a lay person and not a trained healthcare professional.

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Be well!

Answered by Amy Tudor