Pinching Feeling In Breast. What Could It Be?


Asked by Lizzle

Pinching Feeling In Breast. What Could It Be?

I have been having breast pain for the last couple of months but i thought that it was just because my breasts were getting bigger. But now the last 2 days every once in awhile throughout the day i will feel a pinch around the nipple. It is happening in both breasts but not at the same time. What could this be? I am only 20 so i didn't think that it was anything too major like breast cancer.

Thank you


Lizzie, I think you're right - not breast cancer. When you're having unusual sensations in both breasts, it's generally not cancer. Cancer symptoms are more likely to be a lump, rather than a sensation. And at your age, statistically speaking, your risk of breast cancer is 0%. So I'm guessing you're probably dealing with something hormonal. Se eif it seems to come and go in synch with your period. And, if it gets too uncomforatble, definitely see the doctor - no sense being in pain when you don't have to be, right? Good luck - PJH

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