Pinchy Pain In Armpit, Going Into Lateral Side Of Breast


Asked by mary

Pinchy Pain In Armpit, Going Into Lateral Side Of Breast

Hello, I have been having a pinchy sort of pain under my armpit going into the side of my left breast for the last month. I notice it at various times of the day, regardless of activity and when I'm not palpating it. It's a strange feeling; it doesn't seem muscular but when I press on it there is pain. When I pick up the tissues with my fingers and squeeze them, I don't feel the pain. It seems like it is in the layers of tissue above the muscle. There is no single defined stationary lump that I can find, more just a fluffy sort of array of soft masses. Palpation feels similar on the right breast (but with no pain), except it feels extra fluffy on the left. I have very small breasts. I'm wondering if mammograms get in the armpit, or if there's a different kind of test I should have (if I should have one). I'm 40 and my mom had breast cancer when she was about 53. Thank you.


Mary, usually we say that when you notice any breast change, it's reasonable to wait a month, and see if it disappears. Since you say this has been going on for about a month, it's time to see a doctor about this. Your mother having had breast cancer increases your risk somewhat; so, while chances are good this is NOT cancer, you need to rule it out. You don't need to ask for any particular test; the doctor will determine what kind of diagnostic screening is necessary. Good luck to you - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel