I Have A Pink Patch On Me Breast


Asked by lisalouise

I Have A Pink Patch On Me Breast

it a pink patch no spots just a pink blotch and my breast is hurting me


Dear Lisalouise, there are all sorts of possible causes for a pink patch. You can read about types of breast rashes at this link. Most of them are not dangerous, but they can be hard to diagnose. If this patch just showed up today, you can watch it to see if it gets better on its own. However, if you have had it for more than a week or so, consulting with a doctor would be a good idea. For example, the kind of cream you would use for an allergic reaction is different from what you would need for a fungal infection. If you have a fever or if the patch goes from pink to red, call the doctor right away.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson