Plan a Healthier Thanksgiving

Overindulging on delicious foods, spending time with family, perhaps watching the parade and some football...that's the American way on Thanksgiving. The Turkey Day trick is to enjoy the holiday without overdoing it, and it can be done. Here are some tips from Michelle Dudash, Registered Dietitian, personal chef and recipe developer, and Keri Gans, author of The Small Change Diet.

Don't skip breakfast on Thanksgiving—follow your normal eating plan so you aren’t completely starving when the turkey, fixings, and pumpkin pie are placed on the table. Make time for some exercise—hit the gym in the morning, take a family walk later in the day, or toss around the football instead of sitting in front of the TV all day.

Enjoy the foods you really like—perhaps those you only eat on Thanksgiving—but use a smaller plate to help keep portions reasonable. Pick and choose your dessert too—just one! Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day. When the holiday is over, resist the leftovers (send them home with guests, or don't take them) and get back to your normal eating routine. After all, Christmas is coming and you don't want to overindulge until New Year's!

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Sourced from: FOX News