Can You Take Plan B Twice In One Month?


Asked by marierose312

Can You Take Plan B Twice In One Month?

This month I've had to take Plan B twice in about a week's time. Each time the condom either had a hole in it or slipped off. I'm just wondering if taking it twice in the same month will be effective.


Hi Marierose

This is definitely a question you could ask of your doctor, but here is what the manufacturer say about how often you can take it (but bear in mind that they are the folks manufacturing this pill!): "Plan B ®should only be used in emergencies, but there is no medical reason why you can't use it more than once. Don't be afraid to use Plan B ® when you need to, but remember that it should never replace routine methods of contraception as it simply isn't as effective."

Another article says:

"Single-use of Plan B is up to 89 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, with a more than 10 percent chance of pregnancy during each cycle of use. Over the course of a year, a sexually active woman who only uses Plan B for pregnancy prevention would have a pregnancy rate equal to that of a woman using no contraceptive."

So it seems one of the biggest dangers of repeat use is that it loses its effectiveness.

I would ask your doctor about this to be certain that there are no other risks.

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