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End-of-Life Care: ER Doctor Answers Our Questions

Palliative care.
    Decision Tree
    Kevin Haselhorst
    I tell patients: “There’s strength in holding on and there’s courage in letting go — you can decide which is most important to you (self-determination).” Patients are more apt to allow for natural death after doctors give them permission. – Kevin Haselhorst, ER doctor
    The Candid Caregiver

    The Candid Caregiver

    The Candid Caregiver (TCC) is a safe place for all caregivers, of any condition area or caregiving level, to go for candid yet professional guidance. Questions will be answered, tough topics will be discussed, and the caregivers will ultimately have a place where they, themselves, feel cared for. No topics are off the table. Ask your questions and share your stories on social media using the hashtag #TheCandidCaregiver.

    TCC's lead caregiver and author is Carol Bradley Bursack, a veteran family caregiver with more than two decades of experience.