Plantar Fasciitis And Ra?


Asked by ~Suzanne~

Plantar Fasciitis And Ra?

I'm having one of my sleepless nights again. I thought I would ask a few questions before I try to get some sleep. Does anyone have aching feet wih their Ra? I'm having a lot of pain on the bottoms of my feet. I've had plantar fasciitis quite a few times in the past. If I go grocery shopping, by the time I get home and put the food away, my feet are killing me.

I was just wondering if anyone else suffers from plantar fasciitis? I also have diabetes, and don't really know if the RA or the diabetes or (both) could be the factor. My sugars are very well under control and usually run around 80 to 90 after a meal, and 61 before meals.



Aching feet can be quite common with RA - back in the days when I was walking (30 years ago), I remember especially the bones just below my toes being excruciatingly painful. Ask your doctor about a referral to a podiatrist/foot doctor who can treat you with orthotics for your shoes - it may help. You may also want to check out a post I did recently about clothes and shoes for links to places where you can find comfortable, yet stylish shoes. Diabetes can lead to neuropathy, which can cause a lot of pain in your feet as well, so although I'm pretty sure that your foot pain is from the RA, just to be on the safe side, you may want to ask the doctor who supervises your diabetes care to check for that.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW