PM Not Sure Italians Will Get Busy

The Italian government plans to hold a series of seminars to encourage couples to have children. But even the nation’s prime minister isn’t necessarily expecting results.

“I don't know of any of my friends who had kids after they saw an advertisement,” Matteo Renzi says of the initiative, headed up by his government’s own health minister.

Italy's fertility rate last year was less than 1.4 children per woman, below even the E.U.’s low 1.6 average. Fewer Italians were born last year than any year since the country was organized in the 1860s.

The government is promoting September 22 as “Fertility Day,” and plans to hold meetings in Rome, Padua, Bologna and Catania that day. It’s also hosting a social media campaign promoting fertility.

Check back next summer to see whether the campaign bears fruit.

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Sourced from: Reuters,