Pollywog Baby: A Wedge is Born

by Jan Gambino Patient Expert

Annette Cottrell is just like you and me-she never intended to be a Reflux Mom until the day her son was born. On her website, www.pollywogbaby.com Annette tells her story: "When my first son was born, his reflux brought my life to a complete standstill. I was so miserable trying to console and comfort him and so overwhelmed with barf and postpartum depression that I spent every ounce of energy and every spare moment researching information about infant reflux."

Annette worked with her doctor and searched the internet for information about home care and medical treatment for infant reflux. It was a frustrating process as she searched for answers. She kept reading over and over again about the benefits of holding a baby with reflux upright after feeding. She was worried about using medication for her little baby and searched for a non medication approach to treating his reflux. Over time, she purchased every product that was available to position her baby. Yet, her back ached and her son fussed and struggled to nurse despite everything she tried. When the doctor recommended medication for her son, she knew it was time to literally take matters into her own hands. She went home and developed a wedge to use for feeding and holding him. Annette says, "I spent about a week with massive foam blocks and my electric meat knife and came up with an angle and wedge footprint that was easy to use in almost any
position and had a great enough angle to significantly reduce his reflux. By the end of the week I took him off the medication and we've never looked back." The Pollywog Nursing Pillow was born right in her kitchen

Over time, Annette started the Pollywog Baby Company to showcase the Nursing Pillow and the other products she developed: a feeding wedge and a changing table incliner. Many of these items are covered by medical insurance by using the medical codes provided on the website. "Over the years I've found products that I have personally used or heard tremendous feedback on and added them to the store as well."

Annette also compiled all of the information she learned from scouring the internet to develop a rich website for parents containing vital information about reflux, colic, nursing and home care treatments. Be sure to check out her many articles on positioning, comforting and feeding based on her research and on the job experience.

Annette offers a very personalized calling experience. When you email info@pollywogbaby.cm or call at 866-332-0958, Annette will answer the phone and take your order, listen to your story and offer support and guidance. Don't be surprised if you hear the happy voices of her children in the background as she combines home and work! "It's definitely grown into a labor of love for me.
I still have two young kids but we are 'beyond the barf' so to speak.
Having two babies with reflux brought my life to a complete standstill and was definitely the hardest thing I've ever done.
The isolation and frustration were enormous."

"I continue to operate the website and the 800 line as a holistic measure for me - to help as many parents through the reflux nightmare as possible.
I really treasure those personal emails thanking me for making these products and this information available.
This stuff really works!" Pollywog Baby combines a passion for supporting babies and their parents with great products that really work.

Website: www.pollywogbaby.com

Max's Story: http://www.pollywogbaby.com/refluxandcolic/max.html

Annette's Blog: http://www.theburprag.com/

Jan Gambino
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