Poor Motor Skills Tied to Obesity

New research presented at the European Congress of Endocrinology stated that adults with obesity also have poor motor skills and difficulty with fine movements. Therefore, inactivity may not be as much a direct result of obesity but more related to the lack of motor skills associated with the condition.

Researchers at the Dublin City University in the School of Health and Human Performance analyzed 44 obese adults and 44 controls to test their motor skills. They did this by looking at the ability to synchronize the swinging of a wrist pendulum with an oscillating ball displayed on a screen. A similar experiment was also done regarding an audio signal moving from the left to right ear.

The results showed people who were not obese were able to more accurately synchronize the visual and audio signal compared to people who were obese. The research indicates that the lack of physical activity by obese people may be more linked to their perceptual-motor difficulties. This information is an important step in better understanding obesity and changing people’s perspectives and stigmas toward the condition. The researchers’ next step is to understand the cause of the motor skill difficulty.

Sourced from: sciencedaily.com, Obesity may exacerbate inactivity, due to poor motor skills