Poor sleep linked to heart failure

More bad news for people with sleep problems.  A new study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology indicates that people who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep may be at greater risk of heart failure.  Even a few nights  incomplete sleep can begin increasing the chance that a person's heart muscles will weaken, according to the scientists.

The study followed more than 50,000 people for 11 years, and even after controlling for smoking, obesity and other insomnia triggers, the researchers found those who complained of difficulty sleeping were three times more likely to develop heart failure than those who reported no trouble sleeping.

The researchers say it is unclear exactly why poor sleep and heart failure are associated in this way.  One of the lead scientists noted, however, that when people have insomnia, their bodies release stress hormones and that that could have negative effects on the function of the heart.

Sourced from: BBC News, Poor sleep linked to heart failure, Norwegian study says