Poorly Differentiated 6 Cm Tumor - Prognosis?


Asked by Allen

Poorly Differentiated 6 Cm Tumor - Prognosis?

My wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She has dense, cystic breasts but with yearly visits nothing ever showed up until last Wednesday. Today at our MRI we learned her tumor is 6cm and poorly differentiated in her left breast. There are two possible tumors on her right breast. I'm completely in a panic mode - I want to be supportive but feel like my wife has been given a death sentence. She is the love of my life and 54 years old. In total shock.


As PJ says, you need the results of a biopsy before you know for sure what is going on. If she does have breast cancer, you will find the strength to get through the treatments. I had an aggressive cancer with a poor prognosis, and I don't know how I would have managed without the support of my husband. That was eleven years ago, so no matter what the news is, it's important to understand that with today's treatments women can get well even if they have large and/or aggressive tumors.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson