Popular Sunscreens Fall Short

Many of us use online consumer reviews for help making choices—for everything from household products and personal care items to restaurants and hotels, and even high-end purchases like cars and vacations. In some cases, these reviews are helpful and provide reliable information, and sometimes, they do not.

A recent study looked at the top 65 products categorized as “sunscreens” on a leading retail site and found that many of the highly-rated items were not up to standards. Researchers analyzed the sunscreens carefully, collecting information such as SPF (sun protective factor), price, active ingredients, type (cream, lotion, or spray, for example), and other qualities.

Overall, approximately 40% of the highest rated sunscreens did not meet AAD guidelines. The most common shortcomings were related to “water-resistant” or “sweat-resistant” claims. Sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor for all skin cancer types and skin protection is important. The study authors concluded, "Dermatologists should counsel patients that sunscreen products come with numerous marketing claims and varying cosmetic applicability, all of which must be balanced with adequate photoprotection."

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: MNT, Almost half of highly rated sunscreens do not meet AAD guidelines