Is It Possible To Have An Asthma Attack In Your Sleep And Not Wake Up In Time?


Asked by hismommy

Is It Possible To Have An Asthma Attack In Your Sleep And Not Wake Up In Time?

i have a question that i cant find an answer to. i have a 9 yr old son who wheezes and coughs at night and he sleeps right through it. he has always slept hard, since birth, which happened to be four weeks premature. it terrifies me that he could sleep through a severe attack. if he gets too hot, or when he runs and plays, he coughs..a barking cough, sometimes uncontrollably(even at night when he gets too warm and sweats)..but thanks to his preventative medication, that's not very often at all. its terrible if he gets a real cold..the cough will last weeks and scare whomever hears him. as any concerned parent would, i've taught him to know the symptoms, to self administer, and how to breath slowly if he cant find his inhaler(which never leaves his pocket in fall and spring). even with all of this prep, i cant help feeling a little helpless. is there more one can do? HOW do i protect him while he's sleeping???

he has mild asthma. heat, pet dander, pollen are all reactive allergens. we have 2 dogs kept indoors but they are never allowed in his room. it can get warm in there sometimes though. but i dont know if a fan is advisable for asthmatics either..


I attempted to answer your question here. After reading what you write here, I've decided I have to tell you something you may not want to hear: it may be time to get rid of your pet. I'm not saying you have to, but it might be something to consider. Even if your child is not allergic to the dog, dogs bring in pollen from the outdoors and is probably tracking it through your house. Not having the pet in your child's room is a great first step, but... Obviously you'll want to give other options a trial first, but if his asthma continues to act up...

Answered by John Bottrell