Is It Possible For Blood To Keep Recurring In The Semen ?



Is It Possible For Blood To Keep Recurring In The Semen ?

My husband has been having blood in his semen since september 2008; we went to the doctor and they gave him antibiotics 2 months worth. He took 1 months worth and we had intercourse and the blood was gone. We had intercourse again about three days later and there was blood again. He took the second month of antibiotics and we had intercourse about 10 times with no blood. Last night we had intercourse and there was blood again. We dont know what to do - he's only 23 years old and the doctor said its common for men but unknown why they get it. Do you have something else I can do to help him?


Hi Terri,

Thanks for your question. You might be able to learn more about a poorly understood condition called chronic prostatitis here. Dr. Donald Feeney writes that in cases of of chronic prostatitis, where the symptoms keep recurring, a doctor will often advise that an especially long course of antibiotics be taken to try and get rid of the infection -- 12 weeks, rather than the normal 4. In many cases with infection, it's important to keep taking the antibiotics as long as advised, even if the symptoms initially go away, since the infection may still be present.

Hope this helps!