Possible Diaper 'Dependence'


Asked by Cynthia Suellen Russell

Possible Diaper 'Dependence'

Do any of you feel that just the act of wearing incontinence pads or briefs or diapers will actually, in and of itself, cause you to be more incontinent. I am getting hesitant to wear these absorbent products as much as I would prefer to for fear of becoming overly dependent upon them. They are comfortable and completely remove all stress around my incontinence. I experience 'urge' incontinence and overactive bladder. So when I am at home, I am free to not wear them since I am close to a toilet. When I get a sudden 'urge' I do have from thirty seconds to five minutes to respond and find a toilet. Lately, when not wearing them, I find myself becoming overly 'anxious' about accidents. Will this become a 'self fulfilling' prophesy, wear them or else. I must wear them at night for nocturnal enuresis and this is no worry to me. Thank you for any input you care to provide.


I don't have an actual answer for you, just my own observations and opinions. I would assume that if you're concerned enough about this to be asking the question, then I think it probably won't become a problem. I ask you this... if you do become more dependent on the absorbent products, would that become a problem? It sounds to me like you'll be more confident and perhaps willing to lead an even more active life because you'll no longer have to worry about leakage.

One more note ... if you have urge incontinence and/or overactive bladder, there are medications available that you might find helpful if you haven't already tried that route. It could mean less dependence on products, or even eliminate the need for them all together.

Best of luck!


Answered by Jasmine Schmidt