Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Fibromyalgia With Diet And Exercise?


Asked by Deb

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Fibromyalgia With Diet And Exercise?

I've had fibro for about 20 yrs. I tried exercise last year and it did help. However, I'm in a pain rut and I can't get myself to leave my apartment to go walking. I've gained weight. Is there a special diet for this condition. And the fibro fog. What, if anything, can be done about that?


I can't promise you that you can get rid of fibromyalgia completely with diet and exercise, but they can certainly help a great deal. I have several links I can give you to more information which should help answer your questions about exercise, diet and fibro-fog.

Exercise: I agree with the first person who answered your question -; water exercise is great! It can also be a lot of fun as you interact with others in the group. Here are two articles that may help with exercise tips and ideas:

Fibromyalgia and Exercise

Water Exercise Benefits Fibromyalgia

Diet: This first link is to an article I wrote based on information I got from Dr. Mark Pellegrino, who not only treats people with FM, but he has it himself. The article includes his dietary recommendations.

Fibromyalgia and Weight Gain

A couple of years ago, I interviewed Yvonne Keeny, the lady who founded the Fibromyalgia Coalition International, a nonprofit organization to help people who want to treat their FM naturally. She says that she was able to get rid of virtually all of her FM symptoms through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Here are links to the interview and to her Web site:

Yvonne Keeny -; Turning "Cope" to "Hope" for Thousands of FM/ME/CFS Patients

Fibromyalgia Coalition International

Fibro-fog: Here is an article with some tips to help improve the brain fog:

Dealing with Fibro-Fog

I hope these links will help you put together the diet and exercise program that is right for you.

You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified healthcare professional.