Pot-smoking couples have lower levels of violence

Married couples who smoke pot together are less likely to be violent physically with each other, according to a study from the University of Buffalo.

Researchers surveyed hundreds of heterosexual couples over their first nine years of marriage and found that those who smoke pot more than once a week had the lowest rates of domestic violence. The scientists, however, are not suggesting that smoking pot is the key to a peaceful marriage.  They say it’s possible that couples who use marijuana together simply share similar interests, which reduces conflict.

For the study, researchers looked at 600 couples as they applied for marriage licenses in Buffalo, New York. The couples were asked to complete five follow-up interviews on their first, second, fourth, seventh and ninth wedding anniversary. Each time, participants were asked how often they committed a violent act towards their partner or were a victim of an incident, such as slapping, beating up and choking, in the previous year.  They were also asked how often they used marijuana in the past year.

Researchers found that those couples who used marijuana more frequently, such as two to three times per month, once a week and more than once a week, reported less domestic violence perpetrated by the husband over the following year.

Researchers acknowledged that the study had some limitations and more research is required before making stronger conclusions.

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Sourced from: livescience, Pot-Smoking Couples Have Low Rates of Domestic Violence