Potassium and High Blood Pressure: The Mineral That Keeps on Giving

by Alvin Hopkinson Patient Expert

If you are one that suffers with hypertension or high blood pressure, it is extremely important that you seek professional attention. Although the effects of the condition can be annoying, and even worse, life-threatening; there are many ways to control it.
Coincidently, on-going research is being conducted to establish how potassium can aid in this feat.

Medical professionals encourage patients to modify their lifestyles to control the aggression of the disease. One of the most "aggressive" ways to attack high blood pressure is to establish a healthy eating plan that should include natural home remedies.
Scientists have proven that a well-balanced, nutritional eating plan is a key element to lowering and even curing high blood pressure. Specifically, dietary plans that are rich in the mineral potassium decrease the risk of developing further complications.

Potassium and high blood pressure is an important concept in that the potassium actually minimizes the effects of compounds, such as hormones, on the blood vessels. Inevitably, the mineral will either relax or prevent blood vessel contractions. There is an abundance of foods that are a great source of this naturally enriched mineral such as:

  • apricots

  • avocado

  • bananas

  • cantaloupe

  • lima beans

  • vegetables such as potatoes

  • whole bran products such as cereal, certain breads

  • fish

  • poultry

Again, it is extremely important that you include potassium in your daily eating plan to combat the effects of high blood pressure. The supplement is not only necessary for the body's proper functioning; it is guaranteed to lower and perhaps even cure hypertension. Medical experts suggest a daily intake of at least 4700 milligrams to
reap the benefits.

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