Am I A Pre-diabetic With A Fasting Glucose Of 99?


Asked by Thomas Heary

Am I A Pre-diabetic With A Fasting Glucose Of 99?

In April of 2007 I had a routine physical and my fasting blood glucose reading was 99. In October of the same year, being the hypocondriac that I am, I went to an endocrynologist for a 2nd opinion. The Doc administered an A1C test and the results came back with a reading of 5.0%. Are these two numbers incompatible? I bought a home glucose monitor and check in the morning. Sometimes after waking in the morning my reading is 102, 101, etc. When I come home from the gym after work the reading is 88, 92, 96 etc. I am very in-shape, work out aerobically and with weights. My parents are in their 80's and are not diabetic nor are any of my 3 siblings (all older) nor were my grandparents diabetics. Am I just a worry wart? I just don't like the thought that my fasting number is so very close to the upper limit of the normal persons fasting glucose.

Shouldn't my fasting glucose be around 80?


Hi Thomas Henry.

You're a worry wart :)

Your numbers are good. Your numbers are the numbers I wish I had! Your A1C is well below the suggested normal being