Is Prednisone Effective in Treating Sciatica?


Asked by Van Hamilton

Is Prednisone Effective In Treating Sciatica? What Are The Side Effects Of Prednisone?

I have had CLL for 26 years. I'm not currently being treated, but my white blood count is high. I had heart valve replacement surgery years ago with no complications. I am currently on a tapered course of prednisone as treatment for sciatica pain. I completed the 40/40 stage today. I was badly constipated for 2 days, and I still have abdominal cramps. What should I do?


Some studies have found that prednisone is effective at treating sciatica. People who were on prednisone needed fewer epidural injections to relieve pain, but the study called the improvement "subtle but statistically significantly"; that is, the improvement was helpful but not all that strong. So you may not feel the relief you were hoping for from your medication.

Prednisone can cause a lot of side effects, including aggression, irritation, and hunger. It doesn't mean that it will cause them in you, but the potential is there. Short-term courses of prednisone are less likely to cause them.

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