Pregnancy Soon after Bariatric Surgery: Jassira's Story of Motherhood

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Jassira's Story of Motherhood

In the first part of our story, Obesity and Infertility: Jassira's Journey from Bariatric Surgery to Pregnancy, we learned of her harrowing experiences with the gastric band and duodenal switch surgeries.

Jassira Espaillat Batista

_Jassira with her 2-yo son, Liam. Her second son, Jace, was born shortly after this photo was taken. _

Weight loss came quickly. Jassira dropped 80 pounds in just 6-months. And just two days before her 29th birthday, Jassira's dreams of motherhood were realized. She was pregnant. But Jassira knew it was too soon after her surgery and turned to an online patient support community for help.

**I was frantic and scared since I knew getting pregnant wasn't healthy so early post op. Instead of support I was accused of purposely getting pregnant and was even advised to have an abortion.I responded that wasn't an option and then was accused of being irresponsible as I had a big chance of having a special needs child.I was petrified and once again emailed Dr. Roslin. **

Dr. Roslin saved Jassira once again. He would take care of her.

As always he was amazing.He called me and put me right at ease.He said my baby would be fine and I had to worry about myself as babies are parasites and suck the nutrients from the mother.He said for me to also go see a high-risk doctor and have the doctors call him so he can instruct them and work with them on my care.

Jassira followed his orders and she had a very normal pregnancy. Her healthy baby boy Liam was born April 22, 2009. However, Jassira suffered severe deficiencies because Liam had taken all his nutrients from her.

**I had chronic anemia and very low protein, which led to me becoming too thin.I reached a low of 118 lbs at 5'7".I was also low on several vitamins.I lost my hair.I lost so much that I had to wear custom made hairpieces for almost 2 years.Once my deficiencies were under control I was able to gain weight and be healthy again.My hair also grew back healthier than ever. **

One day, Jassira's husband returned home after work to find his wife and baby on the floor.

I remember I felt faint.I was holding my then 7-8 month old baby when all of a sudden I passed out.I remember waking up and being on the floor unable to move and my son was crawling crying due to hunger and a dirty diaper. Thankfully he wasn't hurt.I couldn't move as I felt so weak and wasn't near a phone.That's when my husband thankfully got home.After that day I wasn't alone with my son until I felt better.

After about 18-months Jassira's vitamin levels were recovered, and she found that she was pregnant again. Dr. Roslin advised her that this pregnancy was not high risk. So Jassira went about her pregnancy and at the 19-week mark developed what she thought was acid reflux. But after a week the symptoms were so severe that Jassira knew something was wrong. She emailed Dr. Roslin.

Dr. Roslin told me to go immediately to the ER, that he knew what was wrong with me.I got there and he had a team waiting for me.I got sonograms to ensure baby as okay.Because I was pregnant there were tests they couldn't perform and so Dr. Roslin decided the safest thing was to do surgery.

Jassira was prepped for surgery at 5am the next the morning. She could hear Dr. Roslin arguing with the Ob Gyn and the anesthesiologist. He was trying to save her life once again.

I heard Dr. Roslin telling the OBGYN that he knew what was wrong with me and needed to operate.He asked the gynecology team to release me to him, as I was his patient.I was very scared, as all I could think off was my baby boy.I remember telling Dr. Roslin to please save my baby.I was crying so much.He told me to remember that without me there would be no baby and he needed to operate.He then promised me that both my baby and I would be ok.After that I woke up and within the hour my baby was kicking like crazy.I knew then he was ok.

Her son Jace was born perfectly healthy on September 3, 2011.

**_Today I am 7 years post op.I've had a few bumps along my journey but I wouldn't change a thing.I feel so blessed and strong.I feel proud of every bump and every lesson along the way.I have made dreams come true I never thought possible.But my best accomplishments are my two beautiful boys. _ **

jassira Espaillat Batista

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