Pregnancy Symptoms And Diabetes


Asked by Starr

Pregnancy Symptoms And Diabetes


I have been tryng to get pregnant and I was wondering is how to tell the difference between your average diabetic symptoms and pregnancy symptoms?

I have type 2 and I take metformin.I check all the signs and they run along the lines of diabetes also? and will it make it harder to conceive being a diabetic?

should there be something I should be doing or not doing? Do I still take my pills?

B/c I heard metformin can kill a fetus.


Hi Starr,

I'll echo Vicki's advice, you'll certainly want to talk to your doctor about the use of any medications during preganncy. I'm not familiar with metformin, but I'm sure there are standard regulations about it's use during pregnancy.

As for the symptoms of diabetes and pregnancy, in my experience they are quite distinct. Symptoms of diabetes can basically be divided into high blood sugar and low blood sugar symptoms. When you're high you may feel thirsty, lethargic, and sleepy. Highs can also cause headaches, blurry vision, cotton-mouth, and nausea. Low blood sugar symptoms, on the other hand, include sweating, shakiness, hunger, headache, disorientation, and dizziness.

The only diabetes related symptoms that may also be present during pregnancy are headaches and nausea. These are such common symptoms that could be related to any number of health conditions.

Please check with your doctor if you're experiencing high blood sugars that are causing many symptoms. You'll want to get those under control at least a few months before conceiving. Doctors report that blood sugar control immediately before conception is just as important as during the actual pregnancy.

Good luck!


Answered by Kelsey Bonilla