Pregnancy permanently changes foot size

Researchers from Iowa State University have confirmed what many women have long suspected – pregnancy changes the size and shape of a woman's feet. During pregnancy, a woman's body can undergo significant changes, some of which change back after the baby is born. However, that doesn’t appear to happen with foot size.

In a study of 49 pregnant women, 60 to 70 percent were found to have changes in the size or shape of their feet during pregnancy. The researchers concluded that this phenomenon may be simpler than one may think—that the arches in a woman's feet begin to flatten under the added weight of a baby. The joints are also looser during pregnancy, which could assist in that flattening process. The study also found that changes in the feet were most significant during a woman's first pregnancy, while subsequent pregnancies did not cause significant alterations.

The researchers also said that the mid-life flattening of feet may also help explain why women are more likely to suffer from foot, knee, hip and spinal pain or arthritis later in life.

Sourced from: Science Daily, Pregnancy Permanently Changes Foot Size