Pregnant Or Menopause?


Asked by Cassie

Pregnant Or Menopause?

I'm 48 and a half. I have started missing my period once or twice a year now. Last month I did miss my period with no other symptoms, and this month I have had three days of brown spotting one week before my period was due and I still have no period. It's 10 days late. Instead I have morning nausea, occasional dizziness, very sore nipples, swollen breasts, incredible fatigue, and am quite emotional.

My question is am I pregnant or not? I have never been pregnant so have nothing to go on. I have taken two HPT and both were negative but the symptoms persist. I have gone to my doctor and asked for a blood test for pregnancy as well as FSH. She laughed at me and said it was early menopause and I don't need a blood test of any kind. I do not have hot flashes or night sweats, no problem sleeping, no vaginal dryness, no loss of libido. Is it menopause?


Hi Cassie,

It was rude of your doc to laugh at what is a reasonable question and significant issue. The most likely scenario from what you've described is that you are perimenopausal...that would account for the skipped periods, brown spotting and other symptoms. The fact that you've had a couple of negative pregnancy tests is reassuring that you are most probably not pregnant. However, for your own reassurance, you could insist your doc do a blood test for pregnancy which is highly accurate. If it's negative, you can know for sure you are in perimenopause and can begin to gather the information you need to ease that transition.

Good luck to you,


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Answered by Sandy Greenquist