I Am Presently Taking 500mg Of Zoloft Per Day.


Asked by Allan

I Am Presently Taking 500mg Of Zoloft Per Day.

I've been taking Zoloft for approximately 12 years. Before that I was on Paxil.

I started out with 150mg which was not effective. Up until recently, I was taking 300mg.

My marital problems prompted me to increase my dosage to 400mg, once daily. Now I'm trying 500mg. (300mg at night, 200mg in the morning). Is this the right drug for my marital problems: arguing, irritation and anger, sadness and lonelyness and shakiness and agitation. My wife and I have been arguing continually for 14 years (from the beginning). Is it incompatability or me? I think it's the former, my wife thinks it's the latter.

Any advice?


I would suggest that counseling is the appropriate treatment for marital problems. The medication is for depression and anxiety, and will not help you actually work things out or create more healthful ways to interact with each other.

Answered by Deborah Gray