Why Does Pressure on my Vagina make me Nauseous, Faint and Dizzy?


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Pressure On My Vagina Makes Me Really Nauseous, Faint, And Dizzy. I'm A Virgin.

I am a 21 year old virgin with an intact hymen (though the hole is big enough to fit a tampon). In the past few months, I've noticed that pressure on my vagina is not only painful, but it makes me dizzy and physically nauseous. Exhibit A: getting fingered has been painful and not at all pleasurable, despite the fact that two fingers “fit”. Exhibit B: at my first gyno exam a couple of months ago, I felt incredibly dizzy, queasy, and weak after my pap smear and when I started walking, I noticed that my vision started going blurry. It took about a half an hour of lying down and eating sugar for me to feel good enough to drive. Exhibit C: While masturbating this morning, I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the vibrator “back” to my vagina. It felt good for a few second and then I started to experience the dizziness and weakness again, even though the vibrator wasn't even in. Exhibit 4: Googling and writing about these symptoms has been evoking the same response: I started this message sitting at my desk and had to lie down in the middle…Strangely enough, tampon usage has never been a problem.

I should also mention that in the past, I have had an almost identical reaction to blood, especially having it drawn, though the mere sight or thought has been enough to make me weak at the knees. To a large extent, I became desensitized to seeing it and the idea of it after having my period for a while, but I still feel weak after giving it, either in a test, or after I donate. My mother has a history of the same.

I am incredibly concerned about this and that having sex will be a problem, if not impossible, in the future. I am also very curious as to whether these symptoms are physiological or psychological, or a combination of both (which is to say: how would I go about addressing it? Should I be seeing a gynecologist? A sex therapist? Or is this something I can “figure out” myself, or that will go away by itself once I “get used to” sex?). As far as a potential psychological issue goes, I have never been sexually abused, and though I've grown up in a somewhat “sexually conservative” environment, I don't think the attitude was that sex is dirty or sinful (at least any more than the cultural norm…). Though I was definitely a late bloomer, at this point, I feel that I'll be ready for sex as soon as I'm in a stable relationship. Also, I really do consider myself to be quite comfortable with my sexuality: I'm used to “looking at myself”, and in my last relationships, I had no problems being naked, giving and receiving oral sex (as long as there was no penetrations), etc.

Even if it's not possible to figure out the problem given this limited information, I would really appreciate a tip as to where I should seek help.

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Hello there

The first thing that I am wondering is...have you talked to your doctor or gynecologist about this?

Secondly you are saying that you experiencing these symptoms even while you are writing about it? and then go on to say that maybe this could be psychological? I am neither a therapist nor a doctor but...this seems to sway me to think maybe some of this could be psychological? You say that you also feel dizzy and nasueous at other times...do you think it is a coincidence that this happens when you put pressure down there?

I would suggest the following...make sure there is nothing physical going on by going to see your doctor or gynecologist. Get a good physical. And then if this continues you could seek help from a therapist to explore these issues.

I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question.

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