My Prevacid Isn't Working Well. Can I Take Zantac too?


Asked by Michael Anthony

I Take Prevacid 30 Mg. It Is Not Working As Well As It Use To Work. Can I Take 150 Mg. Zantac At Night. I Take Prevacid In The Morning Once A Day. Mike

In other words can I take prevacid in the morning and zantac at night without causing any problems


Many people take both Zantac and Prevacid. Another option is to consider splitting the Prevacid into two different dosages (15 mg AM & PM). It is important though before adding Zantac to discuss the new symptoms with your doctor. Perhaps a different Proton Pump Inhibitor would be a better option than adding Zantac. Also, it would be a good idea for your doctor to look at your medical history and current medication list to make sure there are no drug interactions that need to be considered. Lastly - 150 mg is pretty high for the Zantac especially if you are adding it to the Prevacid - if your doc wants you to add it she may want you to start out with a lower dosage (e.g. 75 mg) first to see if you can get relief that way.

Best of luck - Stephanie

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