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The look on my husband's face was the same one Kate Winslet had when she let go of Leonardo Dicaprio's hand at the end of Titanic. Something important was being lost. In the case of my husband, it was the brown sugar. He had a sort of this-can't-really-be-happening expression. "Farewell my sweet companion" and down to the bottom of the Primal Atlantic you go along with the oatmeal, the crackers, the bread and other tragic food stuffs. Oh, the humanity

Taking the First Step:  "Out with the Old"

Our first step in the The Primal BluePrint 21-Day Total Body Transformation requires a purging of the pantry. Out with the old SAD (Standard American Diet) foods and in with new healthy "primal foods" replacements. It is not that my husband did not understand this, but breaking up can be hard to do, even in a terrible relationship.

We decided together that the SAD stuff will go to the left of the pantry and the healthy stuff to the right. My husband's goodbyes were long. Mine were not as much. The Primal Diet is close to the way I've been eating after weight loss surgery.

Goodbye energy drinks.

Goodbye powdered drink mixes.

Goodbye powdered juice mixes.

Goodbye ketchup, mayo, and honey mustard.

Goodbye pretzels, donuts, and granola.

And beyond the pantry was goodbye ice cream and fast food.

Goodbye burgers and hot dogs.

Goodbye French fries and onion rings.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. The left side of the pantry looked like rush hour; the right side was spacious. Meh... I've eaten virtually no fast food or processed food since my gastric bypass surgery in 2003. And I've been using grain-free recipes for several years.

There are other action steps in The 21-Day Total Body Transformation that will come easily for my husband. And they will be really, really challenging for me. But that's a story for another sharepost.

But Why?

Having said our farewells, the focus moved to why it was that this food purge was taking place. We immediately eliminated the possibility that author and fitness expert Marc Sisson,  someone whom neither one of us had ever met in person, was deliberately trying to be mean. Instead, we agreed that someone who neither one of us had ever met in person was trying to show us something potentially useful. I say potentially because the game is early and the outcome still a mystery... although there is a logic behind the suggestions.

The powdered drink mixes bog us down with carbohydrates and chemicals and do not fill us with nutrients.

Condiments and cooking items are sugar-laden.

Fast foods are self-explanatory --  they essentially are deadly weapons cushioned in a bun. The deep fried foods offered at many of these places are the gateway to cancer and heart disease.

Grains and sugars provide the excess insulin that promotes weight gain.

All are culprits in how America's obesity epidemic began!

Okay, so a good deal of "eating primal" makes sense.

I am sure that Mark Sisson, architect of the primal diet transformation, will not object to a degree of wonder. We are still at the face-value part of the journey. But our minds are open and we are prepared to apply the suggestions as directed.

Many have endorsed the Primal BluePrint diet and heartily recommend it.

Others are incredulous, at least regarding certain portions of the action plan.

Both my husband and I agree that the logical approach is to try it ourselves and come to our own conclusions.

The promises of the Primal Blueprint are reasonable. We therefore anticipate a reasonable outcome. If some extreme deliverance was "guaranteed or your money back" we would be suspicious. But the foundation of a Primal lifestyle all seems fair enough and we will be the same in return.

The next step we need to take is primal food shopping. Please come along, and we will talk it over in my sharepost, "Primal BluePrint Diet: My Primal Food Shopping List."

In the meantime, I invite you to join me on The Primal BluePrint 21-Day Total Body Transformation challenge and kick start your program of lifetime obesity management.

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