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This year I was truly blessed to have a lot of family home for the holidays, beginning with Halloween and lasting through New Year's Day. It truly was a time of great celebration And usually the events of the day ended with the family gathered around my dining room table, or sometimes at a restaurant.

Oh, I had my share of fun! But now it's back to reality after more than two solid months of indulging my palate... and not following an exercise routine... and even hardly working at all. So, I've been feeling lately like I need to cleanse, a New Year detoxification to put me back on track with my bariatric life.

I haven't gained weight, thank goodness I made sure of that! But all the richer than usual foods, wine, and grain-free desserts that I indulged in have left me feeling sluggish physically and emotionally, and even spiritually. By now you know my position on lifetime obesity management. To be successful after weight loss surgery, the patient must follow a whole body approach that involves both body and mind.

So, what I have decided to do is embark upon Mark Sisson's Primal BluePrint 21 Day Total Body Transformation challenge. I've written before about Mark Sisson's Primal BluePrint Cook Books. His recipes and primal way of eating fit perfectly with the ideal bariatric meal as outlined in The Pouch Rules for Dummies Guide.

Mark Sisson is a health and fitness expert and developed the Total Body Transformation based on:
1. Learning the eight key concepts for living the Primal Lifestyle
2. Taking five action items to reprogram your genes
3. Embarking upon a 21-day challenge

Mark Sisson did not develop the Primal BluePrint specifically for the bariatric lifestyle. But I believe the primal diet is an excellent program for weight-loss surgery patients to follow in the long-term in order to maintain lifetime obesity management.

You can learn more about the Primal BluePrint diet on There are a lot of great resources for weight loss surgery patients on the site, too! Like free downloads of the Primal BluePrint Fitness ebook and Introduction to The Primal BluePrint.

With all this in mind, I was excited to learn of Mark Sisson's newest book, The Primal BluePrint 21 Day Total Body Transformation. So, I contacted Mark and he was generous enough to send a copy to me. I believe the 21 Day Total Body Transformation is exactly the program I need to get back on track with my bariatric lifestyle.

The 21-Day Challenghy don't you join me on The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation and kick start your program of lifetime obesity management?

I am eager to begin! So, along with my husband, I am going to start the 21 Day Total Body Transformation next week. I'll be posting updates for you on the progress. Please stay tuned!

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