Problem With Testing- Can't Poke Myself! Help!!!


Asked by Julie

Problem With Testing- Can't Poke Myself! Help!!!

I have a problem with testing- can't push the button on the lancing device, or I pull my finger away. I really need to test, anybody got a good way to get over this phobia? I can inject myself, but can't draw blood. Got a meter that takes smaller samples (or so it says) but I keep getting Error messages.



Hello! You are not alone. There are a lot of people we hate testing their bg's because of the same phobia you have. I would recommend placing your lancet device on the lowest setting. AS my mom would say "lol, it won't hurt". I use to actually take the needle it self and poke my finger. I didn't like using the lancet device because of the fear of the unknown. I use the lancet device now, after 4 years...Good luck


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