Problems With Combining Pristiq And Marijuana?


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Problems With Combining Pristiq And Marijuana?

Has anyone had bad experiences mixing Pristiq with marijuana? A couple weeks ago I started taking Pristiq because I have been a habitual user of marijuana for a few years and I don't want to have to use it anymore to control the ups and downs of my bipolar disorder. But the Pristiq hasn't kicked in yet, so I'm still using pot to control my symptoms. Does anyone know of any serious issues with using marijuana and taking Pristiq at the same time?


Nobody will judge you here.   There seem to be many medicinal uses for marijuana but it is not legalized yet. In the meantime...this is a hard question to answer because there aren't any clinical studies on this. This leaves you with only the subjective reports of people who are using both substances, and this is a very unscientific way to make a decision on whether it's safe to use them together or not.

In researching your question I did find this forum where the members discuss their experience with using marijuana and antidepressants such as Pristiq.  Some of the users seem to feel there's no harm, while others admitted to their doctors that they were using pot to control anxiety and the doctors were very much against doing this while taking the drug.

It's good to remember that marijuana is, in fact, a drug, and that combining the effects of any drugs is going to have an impact on the medications' effect and the way the user feels. This is something you should definitely discuss with your doctor. Perhaps there's a medication you can take as you're waiting for the Pristiq to build up in your system that will enable you to stop the marijuana use? At least with another prescription drug, the interaction will have some data behind it.

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